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Loss Prevention | Theft DeterrenceProtect property, assets & people.Parking Enforcement | Issuing Tickets

Loss Prevention | Theft Deterrence

Shoplifting is a major contributor to corporate losses and successful retailers must take reasonable steps to protect merchandise from theft via shoplifting to remain successful. Outsourcing loss prevention has many great benefits.

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Protect property, assets & people.

Crime is a constantly evolving issue, we are well equipped to find and eliminate potential security threats. We understand the level of concern regarding the protection of your company's employees and assets.

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Parking Enforcement | Issuing Tickets

Our officers are trained in fair and accurate parking enforcement procedures. Based on the clients request, we can offer solutions that keep the law in mind to avoid any potential liability concerns. When the correct steps are taken, warnings, tickets, and ultimately, vehicle impounds are made possible with no cost to our client and zero risk of liability.

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Secure Group provides guard services for:

High Rise Buildings | Construction Sites | Government Agencies | Industrial Properties
Churches | Banks | Schools | Healthcare Facilities | Restaurants | Hotels
Shopping Centers | Special Events | Amusement Parks | Sporting Events
Residential Properties | Warehouses

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SECURE GROUP INC (S.G.I.) is a professionally managed, full service/multi-faceted private security guard service provider. We differ in many respects from other private security companies in the industry. This difference is especially noticeable in the recruitment and selection of our security officer team, and most importantly, the supervision and management attention we offer to each client. As a security guard service provider, we make sure our employees, in addition to our clients, are safe, secure, and satisfied so that the day-to-day operations of our company as well as our clients’ are as smooth as possible.

Management is constantly aware of situations that require their attention and their need to work closely with our clients. We are well aware of the ever-present and continually rising crime rate in our society. We specialize in a variety of long-term and short-term contracts with government contracts and special events. We take pride in providing contracts with the security attention necessary to fulfill each department’s specific needs.

We look forward to serving your security needs with ambition, dedication, and professionalism. Our office staff are well qualified and equipped to handle any size client we have the privilege to serve. Our process of close supervision enables us to keep up a constant line of communication with our officers in the field and with our clients to deliver the highest quality of service.

You can rest assured we will perform exceptionally and aid in managing your security program in an effective and cost-efficient way. We take pride in being leaders of high standards when it comes to service to maintain client satisfaction. We not only believe in meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, we exceed those expectations. Call today and request an on-site visit to discuss your security needs.

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